Solar Panel cleaning Robot

The universal solution for the maintenance of the panels has been devised in the form of a robotic machine.Maintenance of the Solar panels in MW projects is always a challenge. Consequently, periodical cleaning of solar panels is mandatory to produce large quantities of energy. The effect of dirt and dust on the performance of solar panels varies from region to region. Solar Panel Cleaning Robot is a highly-advanced solution that will clean hundreds of panels in a few hours. We are pioneers in the supply of such Robots. The advantages of these robots are that they are highly suitable in current scenario where labour & water is a costly affair. We are completely forward-integrated and provide comprehensive solution through our wide range of products.

We offer:

1. Water free Robots

2. Self Charging & Self Cleaning Robots.

3. Remote Controlled Robots.

A simple calculation can be used to find out if solar panel cleaning is worthwhile. The profit gained from cleaning the panels must be higher than the costs. Also, ROI on these machines can be met easily by minimising cost on O & M expenses.