Solar Water Pumps

India's electricity consumption profile shows that its agricultural sector is one of the largest consumers as well as the sector that suffers the largest energy deficit. This is especially true for water pumps; one of the key components that consumes agricultural power. Solar energy makes perfect sense, given India's abundant capacity to generate solar power.

What Are Solar Water Pumps?

Solar water pumps consist of a pump and a motor set, a solar power conditioning unit (SPCU), solar PV modules, piping, cables, foundation material and an earthing kit. A solar water pump runs on solar generated electricity alone, while an ordinary pump often runs on diesel. Another key difference - for a given pump head, solar water pumps give variable water output, depending on the intensity of ambient sunlight. A traditional water pump's output (run on a diesel generator set) will be constant throughout its period of operation (provided there is ample availability of ground water).

Solar water pumps come in 3 key configurations:

1. Solar bore well submersible pumping system

2. Solar open well submersible pumping system

3. Solar surface pumping system

Products & Services we offer

1. Survey and design plan

2. Identifying right capacity PV panels and motors

3. Installation and setup

4. Routine maintenance.