Solar Lighting Solutions

As a leader in importing and supplying solar lighting products for industrial, residential and Government departments,Cosmos Eco Energy Lighting offers an ecological lighting solution that is tailor made to every lighting requirement.
We light up every residential park, garden, street, footpath, parking lot, playground, industrial and residential development sites, for a better and brighter future.

We offer:

1. Total green, No Lead, No Mercury and No Pollution.

2. DC/AC type for easy adaptation to standby and centralized modes.

3. High Intensity, High uniformity and Glare eliminated light.

4. No hassle of bulb replacements.

Why Solar Lighting?

We provide a solution, not just a product. From conceptualization, design to installation, Cosmos Eco Lighting supports all your solar lighting needs. It is our mission to bring to you the best products on the market for a solution that is second to none.

Benefits for your Lighting Project

1. No more electricity bills... ever!

2. Eliminating expensive cable installations.

3. Safer working environment.

4. High quality, durable and reliable products.

5. Extensive choice to satisfy every lighting requirement.

6. Overcomes difficult or isolated areas where electricity is not available.

Our Products are your Solutions

Our Lighting products are conveniently categorized into three main ranges:

1) Street Lighting

Standard lighting consumes extensive electricity, causing it to be too expensive. Switching to solar street lighting is the key. Street lighting is not just confined to streets and pathways, but also suitable for apartments, farms and private layouts.
Contact us to review our street lighting ranges - energy saving bulbs, solar street lights, low pressure sodium solar street lights, LED solar street lights and LVD solar street lights.

2) Urban Lighting

Backyards and outdoor areas no longer need to compromise between style and energy efficient lighting. Solar lighting provides architectural standards for every urban or landscape project.
Contact us to review our extensive range of solar urban lights.

3) Industrial Lighting

Why settle for an unattractive and expensive industrial light to define or restrict a large area when you have the choice to combine purpose and appeal?
Whatever your solar lighting needs might be, check out our products and contact us for further information, consultation or a quote and alternatively for our range of industrial lighting for your next project.